Almost 200 people from across the school community came together to take part in the Prep Guild’s Virtual Quiz Night on Saturday 10 October.

A fun-filled evening was had by all, as the teams battled to win a donation for their son’s House charity. The one and only Sam Roberts was superb in his role as Quiz Master, keeping the teams on their toes as they raced against the clock to answer a range of questions on everything from sport to numbers and letters, to kids stuff to logos. The Kahoot quiz, set up by new Prep Guild Chair Emily Hudson, worked well and enabled a good pace of questions amongst plenty of jokes and banter from Mr Roberts.

At half time, the team at Quiz HQ (at a secret location on the Kimbolton Road) frantically marked the answers to the photo and music rounds. Massive thanks to Dan and Maria Lepore, Jane Roberts and Alessia Palmieri for all their support with the marking. Meanwhile, the Quizzers charged their glasses in the cocktail/mocktail making competition. Our teams demonstrated some excellent creative skills, conjuring up some very jazzy looking drinks with names including Bedfordshire’s Heart and Silky’s Sizzling Slammer!

Congratulations to the winners of the quiz itself – the ‘Harrold Hooligans’, made up of Andrew and Maria Shirley and the Holt family, supporting Harpur and Whitbread. The winners of the photo round were the ‘Great Oaks’ (the Coles family) supporting Bunyan. And the winner, drawn out of the hat, for the music round (as it was a tie) was the ‘No Right Answer Team’ (the Mahony family) supporting Howard.


Once the last few payments are in, around £400 will have been raised by the quiz night. Donations will then go to this year’s House charities – to be announced very soon. A massive thank you again to all who took part, donated and made it such a fantastic evening, and a special thank-you to the Prep Guild for organising the quiz.

May we also take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Rosie Biffa who has been Chair for the last three years, and to departing committee members whose sons have moved on to the Upper School. Rosie and the team have been brilliant, and we cannot overstate the importance of the Prep Guild to the school. A sense of community is really important to us, and the better the sense of community, the more the boys enjoy their school, not just now, but, hopefully, for the rest of their lives. Those leaving the committee have given many combined years of service to the Prep Guild, and they can look back on brilliant events, memorable balls, quizzes and Burns Nights, and they have overseen the funding of some terrific projects in the school. A huge thank-you to them, and good luck to the new committee, including:

  • Emily Hudson (Chair)
  • Melissa Morgan (Vice-Chair)
  • Maria Lepore (Secretary)
  • Sharmila Sohanpal (Treasurer)

If you would like to find out more about the Prep Guild and how to get involved, please click here.

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