For the last 12 days, our boys in Y5 and Y6 have been busy doodling away – at maths! 

Using DoodleMaths, a fun and award-winning online learning platform, the boys have been competing together in classes to be the top doodlers in the school, as well as against children in other schools up and down the country. In last year’s challenge, we are proud to say that Mrs Leeson’s Y5 class won the national competition and maths games prizes. 

“The boys have been enthusiastically doodling away! The challenge has appealed to their competitive nature and really buoyed them on. And, without them realising, has helped to boost their maths skills and confidence, which is a delight to see.”

Mrs Lee


At present, 6Ma-Z (Mrs Osborne) is in the lead, closely followed by 5Ma-R (Mrs Silk and Mrs Medd) and 6Ma-O (Mrs Lee). However, with two days to go, the race is still on to be the top doodlers!

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