We were delighted to welcome the vibrant and energetic theatre company, Frantic Assembly, to run a workshop with our GCSE students on Thursday 2 November.

Frantic Assembly are perhaps best known for specialising in physical theatre, but are actually much more than just that, their ethos is around collaboration of empowerment, with a constant desire to improve.

The workshop started with a rather ‘frantic’ warm-up comprising of vigorous side jumps, jumping jacks and spotty dogs. This was all in preparation for later lift work that the company are famous for; the workshop leader taught the students a simple, but effective hip lift. The work generated was innovative and highly dynamic. 

This is part of the boys’ physical theatre training, helping them develop skills and techniques to use in their own work and in preparation for their first devising assessment performance in February which they are working towards.

Antoinette Keylock, Head of Academic Drama said, “The students worked very hard during this challenging workshop with Frantic Assembly. I was impressed with their focus and core strength in the lift work. Each student worked towards a short performance, in which they incorporated some lift and physical connection with partners. I look forward to seeing how they use this workshop in future rehearsals.”

The boys will see Frantic Assembly in action in January, when they go to see ‘Things I know to Be True’.   


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