The Art in the Open project was completed during the summer of 2008 at a cost of £35,000 and is one of the Art Department’s most exciting developments to date.

This was achieved thanks to the generosity of many Old Bedfordians through the 2007 Annual Fund Telephone Campaign, and in particular by members of the Dalzell family. Their generosity has led to the area being named as a tribute to Ron Dalzell, Art Master 1947-1970.

The fully decked rooftop terrace can be accessed from one of the existing art studios in the Howard Building and provides the perfect outdoor space. This unique facility aims to expose the boys to the challenges of working in ever-changing light, and has provided them with the opportunity to make some interesting and challenging observations. Despite the unpredictability of the British weather, the boys who have used the area so far have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.