Having taken over as Chairman of the Foundation in April 2015 I have enjoyed learning about the School and how the work of the Foundation has contributed in recent years since it was established in 2003.

It has certainly played a key part in supporting building projects, scholarships and bursaries, as well as a number of smaller projects. Many boys have directly benefitted from the generosity of others. Thank you to all supporters of the Foundation and also to those who have made a pledge to support it in their wills. All gifts, big and small, are much appreciated.

Philanthropy and making donations to Bedford School is not a new phenomeman though. I have recently reread the history of the School and there are very many examples of benefactors over the years making important gifts to the School. Indeed the School would not have come into being without the foresight of Sir William Harpur and his original act of benefaction. Over time there have also been a number of appeals to support specific areas of School life and to help it move forward with the times.

It is therefore important that we remember the contribution of many generations and keep this tradition of giving alive. We may now have a Foundation, actively fundraise, and sensitively promote giving through our campaigns, but ultimately the rationale has not changed and that is to provide the best start in life possible for the boys of Bedford School. It is important to recognise that the Foundation works very closely with the Governing Body and only supports projects which have their backing and fit in with the overall strategic aims of the School.

I look forward to meeting many of you, telling you more about the exciting projects that we will support and hopefully inspiring you to give something back to this great institution.

Lance Feaver (69-74)
Chairman of Bedford School Foundation