Food is something that is always a priority for our boys, and over these last few weeks, there has been plenty of opportunities for boys to create their own with our chefs in the Dining Halls.

The latest group of ‘Hungry Boys’ busily cooked up everything from burgers to apple pies under the guidance of our chefs in their Hungry Boys’ Club sessions this half term. Their food looked almost too good to eat – but we are sure that it did not last very long!

Y3 boys also turned their hand to culinary endeavours in their final French lesson of the half term, taking on the challenge of creating ‘Pain Perdu’ (French toast) while practising their French vocabulary. The dish, which translates as ‘lost bread’ or ‘stale bread’, is super tasty, and the boys agreed that, even if the cooking can be a little sticky, the result is well worth the effort. Délicieux!

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