During the summer term, a group of Fifth Form boys, Gabriel Davis, Harry Hine and Arun Nanda, who would otherwise have been taking their GCSEs, decided to make most of the time they had gained unexpectedly to create a new magazine, Floreat. 

Their aim, which they achieved with great success, was to provide a student’s perspective on the global burning news stories of the day. Their first issue, written by boys for the boys, covered a wide range of political and economic topics, from Captain Sir Tom Moore to the effects of corporate tax avoidance in the 21st Century. The boys, we are pleased to say, plan for this to be the first of many issues, and hope to publish Floreat each term.

Reflecting on the boys’ achievements, Mr Waterhouse, who encouraged and supported the boys in the project, told us, “Floreat magazine is nothing short of incredible. It is a true reflection of the resilience, creativity and dedication of the boys. I could not be more proud of them and all they achieved, especially at such a testing time.”  

Did you know that Floreat is a nod to our school motto, meaning ‘may it/he/she flourish’? 

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