A flippin’ fun time was had by boys and staff on Tuesday 25 February, when they competed in our traditional Shrove Tuesday pancake race.

The course was raced by a five-person relay, each team member running a length of the Inky Pitch. However, the twist in the competition was that it was not necessarily down to fast running – excellent flipping skills were perhaps more important!

Although the hotly contested race was fun and light-hearted, our boys could not help but get a little competitive, and it was Ashburnham House who took the victory in the end. However, an honourable mention must go to the staff team who were the only team not to drop their pancake on the ground while flipping.

As a tasty treat afterwards, a small group of boys, equipped with a vat of milk, bags of flour and dozens of eggs, set about cooking up fresh pancakes to sell in aid of Bedford Foodbank.

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