Professional fight director Richard Mann, has been working with our drama students to help them prepare for our up and coming production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Back in September, students attended an all-day workshop with Richard, where they practised the basic fight moves, and now they are building on these; working on core strength and more complex techniques. The boys told us afterwards how amazed they were that stage fighting could be so tough.

The production of Romeo and Juliet is a challenging one, which contains some very fierce fight scenes. Antoinette Keylock, Head of Academic Drama said, ‘The level of professionalism from the boys has been outstanding. Richard has worked with many drama students in the past, but has commented on how talented the cast here at Bedford is’.

Tickets for Romeo and Juliet, which will be shown between 22 and 24 February, are now on sale from The Quarry Theatre.   

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