Y5 De Parys Avenue Field work Monday 16th March 2015

Y5 pupils were introduced to field work and collecting data from their own observations of land use, house type and features of the properties along De Parys Avenue.

“We looked at houses in De Parys Avenue. I found the houses interesting as most of them were Victorian” Ben Edwards and Oliver Comery 5N

“I found it interesting that the houses all had different sizes of front garden and different heights of walls.” Harry Wootton-Evans 5N

“I noticed that not every house was the same; many were detached, some were semi- detached and a number were apartments.”  Pascal Dell 5N

“I learnt that not all houses had numbers as many had names.” Charlie Carey 5N

“ I liked it when one of the house owners came out to tell us about her house; she told us when it was built, which helped with our data collection.” Freddie Sowerby 5N



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