Boys in Y5 to Y7 have been extremely busy designing and creating in DT this half term.

For our Y5 boys, the challenge has been a musical one; they have been learning all about sound, including how a sound wall works, and creating wooden speakers that can amplify a phone’s audio without any electricity. In the process of creating their speakers, they learned the key skills of measuring, sanding, filing, drilling and waxing, as well as gaining an understanding of the use of different materials. 

Our Y6 boys went back to the 1930s to draw on the Art Deco movement to design and manufacture clocks. After covering the theory of design, the boys took its principles to heart to combine form and function to achieve some practical and highly attractive Art Deco clocks. Along the way, they honed their practical skills and knowledge of manufacturing processes as they measured, laminated, drilled, sanded and finished their creations.

For our Y7 boys, the challenge lay in thermoplastics, the use of nets, measuring accurately and using the pillar drill along with the manufacturing process of line bending. Their end product will be a toothbrush holder. We cannot wait to see their designs and finished creations.

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