It is often as vibrant and busy outside of the classroom as it is inside at Bedford School, with a vast array of extracurricular activities available to our boys.

It is so important to support and encourage boys to explore the world, enjoy all that it has to offer, and enrich their lives with experiences and discovery. If the boys discover a hidden talent or a new passion along the way, that is all the more rewarding for boys and staff alike.

While the COVID restrictions have posed some challenges to our usual extracurricular timetable, thanks to lots of creative thinking and a determination to continue, we are thrilled that we are still able to offer a wide variety of choice remotely.

From Record Club to Lockdown Film Club, Current Affairs to Philosophy and Theology, there really is something for everyone.

The Drama Society

Drama Society was one of the very first clubs to take their meetings online during the first lockdown back in spring 2020, often with the boys themselves taking the lead and running the sessions. Remove Former Louis Cooke did a fascinating talk recently on the Actors’ Fund and shared some family history including a photo of his great, great, great grandmother who was an actress!

So successful has the group been, that a new Film Studies Society will start on 10 February led by Fifth Former Sami Hundal.

Max Pearson, who is also in the Fifth Form and is a regular face at Drama Society, told us, “I enjoy attending the society so much as it is a release from a rigorous day at school. It is also an opportunity to solidify my love for drama. Every time a talk comes up it gives me a different, new, exciting way of seeing drama, which also further develops my passion.”

Head of Academic Drama Antoinette Keylock commented, “I think Drama Society in lockdown has kept the spirit of theatre alive and I really look forward to hearing the sessions every week – the younger boys love having the connection with the older students too (a bit of a family thing) – those role models are hugely important at Bedford School. The society provides an outlet too, the meetings are great fun and we talk about all sorts of theatrical things. Our president (Dylan Swain) is excellent – he always talks at the end of a session and thanks the boys – they really respect him, too.”


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