Theo St. Claire (Theo Green 01-10) will be returning to Bedford with a new theatre company ‘The Project’, and their show ‘Poll Function’ by Greg Shewring in February. A newly formed collective of theatre-makers with a focus on writing and devising, their first production is a hilariously emphatic exploration of youthful hedonism and social responsibly in 2016, blending unfaltering dialogue and physical expression with a live backseat soundscape.

Having performed a scratch version of Greg Shewring’s latest play at Bristol Old Vic where it was celebrated as ‘inventive, lyrical and bold…may[be] a masterpiece’ by critics, the company are bringing this incisive piece of theatre to The Quarry Theatre on 20th February.

Since leaving Bedford School, Theo has gone on to train in Acting at the prestigious Drama Centre London, which over the years has trained the likes of Colin Firth, Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy.

Upon graduating from DCL Theo joined Bézn? Theatre – a U.K./Romanian Theatre company dedicated to social change – on their inaugural production ‘CRIME’, a response to Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment. He was awarded Best Male Performer at Suceava International Theatre Festival 2014 and ‘CRIME’ was awarded Best Play.

Theo has also been working on screen and was nominated for Best Actor at St. Albans International Film Festival 2015 for his performance in ‘File “L” for Love’, a musical comedy directed by Christopher Galvin (03-10), and landing a couple of TV roles in The Tunnel: Sabotage (Sky Atlantic) and New Blood (BBC One) which air later this year.

This last year has seen Theo continue to work with other OBs, most notably Crucible Films, a production company set up by Aran Lamond (99-10) and Richard Summers-Calvert (99-10). They received a special mention in Sci-Fi London’s 48 Hour Film Challenge 2015 for their film Recommended Dose, which features Susan Bennett, best known as the voice of Apple’s Siri.

Find out more and book your tickets to watch ‘Poll Function’ at The Quarry Theatre here.

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