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14 September 2020

Who Was Burnaby? ONLINE EVENT

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Who Was Burnaby? ONLINE EVENT

November 12 | 19:00 - 20:30

Former Burnaby Housemaster, Tim Machin (staff 70-05), has recently written a book on Colonel Frederick Burnaby, A Great Victorian Eccentric. An OB who lived from 1842-85, little is known about him today. However, he was a larger than life character who packed a huge amount into his 42 years, so much so that during the 1870s and 80s, he was rarely out of the news. He was a soldier in the Blues, an author (with two books still in print), a balloonist, a linguist (speaking 7 languages), a Tory politician, and a War correspondent for the Times; and that merely scratches the surface! Burnaby could not resist a challenge. His death in battle in the Sudan was met with much public grief and the Times even wrote a 5000 word obituary on him.

Following from the footsteps of Burnaby’s Victorian bestseller, A Ride to Khiva, Chris Alexander (86-92), who lived in Khiva for seven years, has written A Carpet Ride to Khiva.

Join Tim and Chris on Zoom for a virtual talk on Colonel Frederick Burnaby. The talk is free and is approximately 1.5 hour long, including time for questions.

To Register, please click below by Monday 9th November.  We will then send you instructions on how to join the Zoom call.


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