Bedford School’s Engineering Education Team Scheme (EES) team enjoyed great success at the recent assessment and celebration day at the University of Hertfordshire.

The EES assessment and celebration day on Friday 22 April drew to a close the culmination of six months of research, planning and hard work for the team of seven boys: James Cooper, Rob Brown, Wazidur Rahman, Andy Martin, Lachlan Welch, Gabe Von Der Heyde and Ivan Simon. 

Working in conjunction with AECOM: the international civil engineering company who designed and engineered London’s segregated cycle superhighway, the boys had been tasked to provide an easy and safe route for cyclists on the North-South cycle superhighway, specifically the junction outside Blackfriars Station at the north of the river Thames.  

Their dedication and effort: months of weekly meetings with their AECOM mentor, two real-life’ office days at the Bedford office of AECOM, research, development, model construction and report writing, came to its conclusion on the assessment day, when the team gave a presentation on their project and were grilled by engineering experts.  However, their creativity, innovation and teamwork was fitting rewarded when they were each awarded the Industrial Cadet Gold Awards in recognition of at least 50 hours project work with a company.

Our special thanks go to AECOM, for sponsoring our team, and their engineers for their encouragement and insight into the world of engineering.  Our thanks also go to Old Bedfordians John Ward (52-63) and Professor Martin Snaith (53-63) for their valuable insights and support.

Commenting on their success, their teacher Mr Ged Green, who supported the boys throughout the project, told us, “The project has given the students valuable real-world experience, and I was very pleased by the way that they represented both the school and Aecom”.

About Engineering Education Team Scheme (EES)

EES is a nationwide scheme which links teams of students with industry, to work on real scientific, engineering and technical solutions to industry challenges, and helps the participants develop skills and experience that employers value.

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