Our Y5-Y8 boys are enjoying learning and competing in one of the oldest Olympic sports each week in fencing club.

As the boys will tell you, fencing is great fun and excellent for fitness, balance and co-ordination. It also importantly teaches respect and proper etiquette, as well as control and strategy – and is often described as physical chess.

We joined the boys as they were being put through their paces by our in-house expert Mr Pieris and coach Nick Ashmenall, who had them busy perfecting their lunges, parries and ripostes. The boys then took to the piste, and after respectfully saluting each other and the referee, faced each other to fence and test out their skills in a series of bouts.

Fencing is undoubtedly an exciting sport to watch but one that is even better when you join in! En garde anyone?

Join In

All boys in Y5, Y6, Y7 or Y8 are warmly invited to come along and give fencing a go. The club runs every Tuesday at 4.30pm in the old theatre, and all levels are catered for from complete beginner to competent fencer.

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