The Horse-Drawn Carriage (El Landó de Seis Caballos), written in 1950, takes place in an old house in a wood near Ávila.  The house is inhabited by three old men and an old woman, all very strange. Their favourite occupation is to sit all together on the sofa – their carriage – while one of them whips the imaginary horses into action and they travel round Castille together – all in the comfort of their own living room!  Into this situation come five outsiders: three women and two men, all of them invited by a duke who has written them the same letter.  He promises them a night of fun, but no one has seen him nor do they understand what is going on.  And so the drama unfolds, the carriage gets further use and this world of mad fantasy begins to grow on the new arrivals.

Spanish drama, so used to dressing itself in shades of grey during the ‘forty years’ of General Francisco Franco’s dictatorship, takes time out to wear the smiling mask of the theatre and will send you home with a smile on your face.

Then you can make yourself comfortable on your own sofa, whip up the horses and canter off to London to see Her Maj.  It might just catch on.

Spanish language.

Date: Monday 1 – Tuesday 2 February 2016
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: The Quarry Theatre
Cost: £4 (£2 concessions)

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01234 362337

Running Time: 60mins
Suitable For Ages: All ages

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