Our Y5 boys have been busy designing eco-schools, taking inspiration from the architecture, drawings and methodology of the artist and environmentalist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Initially researching the basic styles governing architecture through the centuries, the boys started with a broad understanding of buildings. Taking a walk locally, the boys then endeavoured to recognise and characterise the architecture around them. Then came the truly fun part; the boys delved into the weird, wonderful and childlike mind of Hundertwasser, before designing their very own, fully functioning eco-schools. Like Hundertwasser’s paintings, the boys’ designs had no straight lines (as they do not exist in nature) and were full of vibrant colour. The results – exciting, bright and striking visions of schools of the future – all unconventionally wonderful!


Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000)

”A visionary artist who promoted a life that is harmony with nature through his art.”

Hundertwasser was an artist and architect whose work became popular during the mid-late twentieth century. In addition to his work in art and architecture, he was also well-known as an environmentalist and eco-activist. Through his art, Hundertwasser tried to show people the possibilities of a better world with a safe environment and protected nature.

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