Our first group of Y3 and Y4 boys were proud and excited to pick up their Eco Monitor badges this week. As Eco Monitors, the boys will help to keep the Prep playground litter free and make it an even nicer environment for everyone. 

The boys’ new roles offer them more responsibility as well as helping to look after the environment, two things they told us through the school council that were important to them.

Each boy who applied to become an Eco Monitor had to write to Mrs Carrington, to explain why they would be good for the role. 

“I hate seeing litter around the place, and it makes me sad that people don’t care enough to put it in the bin. I would like to help because I think our school is lovely and I would like to see it stay that way.”


“I would like the school to be as tidy as possible and to play my part in helping our planet.”


“I care about the planet.  I want to make the future more eco-friendly.”


“I really want our planet to be a better place.”


“I am interested in the planet and would like to help eliminate litter from our playground. It would be better for our school.”


“I want to save the earth because if there was no earth, no one will be alive. That is why I want to be an Eco Monitor.”

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