On the evening of Wednesday 4th October, a group of OBs gathered in “Tapped” in Leeds. It was lovely to see how different ages got on and swapped stories while sampling a variety of refreshments. This was the first event in the region for a while, and local DVP, Derek Porter (85-89), hopes to build upon this in the future…please do look out for details!  We hope that you will be able to join us.

*Attendees at the event (left-right):

  • David Pugh (46-54)
  • Graham Patterson (48-55)
  • Richard Garrett
  • Richard Scott (58-67)
  • Bruce Grainger (48-55)
  • Tom Anderson (99-09)
  • Stewart Norton (92-97)
  • Ed Moys (03-06)
  • Derek Porter (85-89)



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