Over drinks and a curry, the Singapore OBs got together on Wednesday 22nd November. It was a good chance for everyone to catch up and also an opportunity to welcome James Brodie (77-88), who was visiting on business, back to Singapore.
If any OBs are passing through Singapore on holiday or business, then please do feel free to contact Russell de Chernatony (98-03), Singapore DVP, who would be delighted to meet up. Contact Russell at: russelldechernatony@gmail.com


OBs in photos from left to right: Tom Hawker (88-98), Ben Shorten (83-90), Timur Ayurov (02-06), Aziz Ali Hassan (87-89), Wayne Fozzard (77-79), James Brodie (77-88), James Woodrow (74-84), Chris Rodwell (83-88), Simon Johnson (70-81) and Russell de Chernatony (98-03).






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