The annual London District party hosted by Christopher (72-77) and Rosemarie Jones at their home in Clapham was held on Saturday 17th June. OBs and their guests made the most of the fabulous weather by spending the evening outside in the garden. The wine flowed and the group delighted in lively conversation and laughter…with OBs reminiscing about their days at the School. A lovely time was had by all – thank you to Christopher and Rosemarie for always being such great hosts.

The following joined the party: David Rees (52-56), Robert Bowles (63-68), Hugh Chignell (60-71), Sue Chignell, Stephen Blows (65-75), Mr George Ridnell (44-50), Peter Beaumont (64-69), Ollie English (07-12), Paul Previté (70-74), David Murray ((69-76) President OB Club), Aileen Murray, Roddy Caxton-Spencer (73-78), Finn Longinotto (57-62), Tim Covington (67-71), Ian Burbidge (57-66), Brenda Roberts (Former Director of OB Club), Peter Roberts, Chris Williams ((68-79) Chairman OB Club), Nick Henry (81-91), Sally Elliott (OB Widow – Edward Elliott (44-46)), Simon White (59-69), Robin Steiner (58-66), Jeanne Stainer and the Head Master, James Hodgson.

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