Many of you will be aware that Miles Young (63-72) returned to England over the summer to take up the position of Warden of New College at the University of Oxford, and has therefore stepped down as DVP for New York. Miles will be missed by OBs in the region and we would like to thank him for all of his hard work and support of the Club, both in Hong Kong and New York, over the past ten years.

However, we are delighted to announce that Vivake Bhalla (87-93) will now be taking over the role! Vivake studied engineering at Imperial College and business at Harvard Business School before joining a management consulting firm in London. A decade later he entered the world of private equity, working in London and Doha before moving to New York to start a firm in 2012.

He is already enjoying his new role as DVP and says: “It’s been terrific getting to know the OBs that live here in America and those who visit. Miles Young has left big shoes to fill. He will be greatly missed!” 

If you would like to contact Vivake please email him on or find your nearest DVP here.

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