Thirteen Fifth Formers successfully completed their Bronze Award Expeditions on the first weekend of the half term. The boys all displayed expertise and good humour, despite the sweltering temperatures on the hottest day of the year so far.

Alterations have been made to the award scheme due to the pandemic – normally boys completing their bronze award would camp overnight, but due to Covid, they do not currently need to fulfil this requirement. However, the boys needed to demonstrate good navigational skills and the ability to cook a meal using a Trangia. They planned a route north of Bedford to navigate and, when they returned to school, cooked a meal before going home for the evening. They then went out again the following day to complete their expedition.

The boys took the expedition in their stride, dealing well with the hot weather, and showed to be adept at both navigation and cooking.

The following weekend, a group of Remove Formers attended a Bronze training day in school where they undertook training in first aid, putting up tents, and learnt how to use a Trangia. They also found out the kit required for their expedition. They then undertook navigational training to ensure that they are fully prepared for their expeditions later in the year.

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