As part of their studies of one of Britain’s most celebrated and popular artists, 13 Y7 boys visited the Henry Moore Foundation in Hertfordshire on Friday 14 June.

Prior to their visit, the boys had researched the famous 20th Century artist and his distinctive work, often inspired by the human form and nature. During the day, the boys took time to create observational studies, using a variety of media and techniques. They were also fortunate to find one of Henry Moore’s assistants in the Bourne Maquette Studio who explained not only the artist’s principles but also his methods and approaches towards sculpture. His talk was informative and engaging but also illustrated the excitement Moore’s work generated. The boys were magnificent in their responses and questioning that allowed them to view the sculptures in front of them with purpose.

While they were a little unfortunate with the weather, the day was a significant and enjoyable experience for all.


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