Rob Campbell (Staff 94-13) and Jerry Rogers (62-66) took on the Endurance class of the Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Marathon over Easter weekend – 125 miles of paddling and portaging!

Rob and Jerry made a sterling attempt at the race this year. They cruised the first 80 miles but from then on Rob's back caused him increasing problems. He suffered muscle spasms which increased in severity until at 108 miles and approaching the Tideway, he could no longer sit up in the boat. This meant that they had to retire from the event. 

Apart from that both he and Jerry were in fine form and want to thank their amazing supporters for enabling them to get as far as they did. Edward and Charlie Campbell Gray, Rob, Jack and Sarah McLeod, Adam Baggs, Iona and Hilary Campbell were joined at Newbury by Colin Rowe OB who came out to see the Bedford crew in action and supported them all the way through! Grateful thanks to him and all the OBs who supported and offered good wishes. OB canoeists are really one big family. Watch this space to see which OBs take up the challenge next year!

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