As with most sports, clay pigeon shooting has suffered this year, which is why we were thrilled to hear that Lower Sixth Former, Darcy McBride returned with a bang to finish in first place in the U21 British Open. In the final, held on 6 September, Darcy shot a 75 bird layout to tie for first place. This then resulted in a shoot off in the afternoon, which again ended in a tie. This forced a sudden death for the title, with Darcy just pipping the top spot.

At the age of just 16, Darcy is the youngest person to win this national competition since 1948 – when the competition was founded.

Throughout lockdown, most of the big shooting competitions were cancelled or rescheduled. However, Darcy used this time to train every Thursday in Norfolk and entered smaller competitions as and when he could until more major events opened up, such as The Churchill Cup, held at the end of August, where Darcy also secured the first spot.

Darcy will now go on to compete in two further competitions: the Beretta World Sporting Championships at Deptford Farm, Warminster on 11 September and The Lyalvale Express Masters at Aitken Grant and Lang on 12 September. Good luck, Darcy!

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