Boys swapped their usual lessons on Friday 24 January for a range of enriching activities and workshops all designed to raise awareness of disabilities during our annual Curriculum Collapse Day. 

During the day, through orienteering and a workshop on braille, the boys learned about the loss of sight and the challenges this presents. They also learned sign language and tried their hand at some Paralympic sports, in school, and some at the University of Bedfordshire.

Boys in Y5-Y8 took part in a workshop with local charity Mind Map on what mental health is and how to respond to someone who is suffering with mental health issues.

However, the highlight for many boys was meeting the incredible assistance dogs and staff from Canine Partners. The charity provides assistance dogs trained to meet the needs of individuals with complex physical disabilities.

While the day was a great deal of fun, it also, importantly, offered the boys an insight into how different disabilities affect people in their everyday lives.

Prep School Headmaster Ian Silk told us, “This has been a superb day, and it has been great to see the boys engage so fully in the activities, and begin to gain an understanding of the challenges some people face in their daily lives. The day has allowed boys to develop, and reflect, on many of our Future Skills.”

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Ms Badhan who has led the day said, “It has been a lot of hard work organising this day, but it has been well worth the effort to see the boys out of their comfort zones, but really engaging with and enjoying the challenges.”

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