Whilst some OBs put their feet up on an exceptionally warm Bank Holiday Monday on 28th August, the work rate at Richmond Athletic Ground was really quite intense. With many other distractions at this time of year, it had been a challenge to raise a full squad, which resulted in the Old Bedfordian Lizards entering the 12-a-side competition. On the pitch, there was a good team spirit, great commitment, and some moments of real skill, but sadly the OBs went down in three of their four pool matches.
Understandably the players were a little frustrated but still enjoyed themselves. It was particularly pleasing to see the way in which the three year groups all got on. A big thank you to Colston Kane for rallying the troops, all players for giving up their Bank Holiday, and to David Murray (69-76), President of the OB Club, and his wife Aileen for dropping in to offer their support.
This was the twenty first year of this tournament, and after organising it for all of this time, Tim Cunis is hanging up his boots, and handing over to the RFU. The Old Bedfordians Club would like to thank Tim for all of his hard work over many years and in particular for bringing many young sportsmen together at this enjoyable annual event.

The OB Squad consisted of;

Angus Gill (06-15)
Paddy McDuel (04-15)
Julian Kitson (10-15)
Alex Benzie (08-15)
Charlie Clarke (05-16)
Toby Clarke (07-16)
Jake Carter (06-16)
Ollie Burgess (08-16)
Nick Cowen (12-16)
Ed Wilson (05-16)
Will Bowes (08-17)
Harry Walker (12-17)
Robert Stevens (12-17)
Colston Kane (12-17)

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