Boys swapped their usual lessons on Friday 5 March, the last day of remote learning, for a day of enriching activities and workshops on the theme of ‘Mind, Body and Soul’. 

During the fun day, the boys engaged in fitness, music, cooking and art sessions, and were encouraged to be creative away from their screens. With prizes and certificates up for grabs, the boys enthusiastically threw themselves into the day.

Challenged to ‘think outside the box’, all boys took part in an unusual art challenge inspired by the brilliant creations of Tanaka Tatsuya. This Japanese artist has a wonderful way of looking at everyday objects differently. Just like Tanaka, the boys used everyday household items to create these brilliant scenes. 

The boys also explored their relationship with music and how it speaks to each them individually by creating either collages, stories or poems after listening to music. With choices including Carmina Burana by Carl Orff and the Swan Lake Theme by Tchaikovsky, the boys were inspired to create a diverse range of interpretations.

A scavenger hunt was also part of the fun. With 30 minutes on the clock, the boys were challenged to find items around their homes and carry out actions. Judging by the smiles on their faces, they certainly enjoyed the challenge.  

The boys also learned all about bridges and the power of triangles in a bridge-building challenge, which saw them constructing bridges out of drinking straws, sellotape and elastic bands.  

Even lunchtime was creative, as our catering team supplied two tempting options for the boys to cook at home. 

The instructions are below, should anyone would like to cook them again or try them for the first time.

After each activity, the boys took some time to reflect on what they had learned, the Future Skills used, and what had they enjoyed before completing an enrichment passport for the day. It was, without a doubt, a brilliant day and an excellent way to end remote learning.

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