Online chemistry lessons at Bedford School ramped up a notch when our science tutors decided to record demonstrations of science experiments to enrich the boys’ online learning experience.

While boys have been engaging in online lessons in a number interactive ways, being able to conduct many practical science experiments is simply not an option at home.

Following boys’ feedback that they missed the hands-on involvement that a practical experiment offers, Head of Chemistry, Mr Knight, and chemistry teachers, Mr Suthers and Mr Thompson, took it in turns to come into school and use the school resources to record a series of practical chemistry experiments. These filmed experiments were then shown to parallel groups and shared with the wider department to incorporate into their lessons.

Head of Chemistry, Mr Knight, demonstrating a practical experiment.

While the boys could not physically carry out the experiments, they were able to collect the data themselves and draw their own conclusions from what they observed.

Mr Knight told us, “The benefit to the boys is significant. Chemistry is a very practical subject, seeing a process in action consolidates the learning, and engagement is improved by varying the diet of discussion and written work.”

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