One of the highlights of the autumn term is our Commemoration of Founders and Benefactors.  This is an important event in the annual calendar which provides us all with the opportunity to reflect on how fortunate we are to be part of this wonderful institution and to mark its heritage and the generosity of a large number of benefactors over many generations. 

In light of government regulations and guidelines, we took the difficult decision to cancel this year’s physical event. For the first time in the school’s 468-year history,  we went online and marked the occasion with a short production featuring Miles Young (63-72), Warden of New College, Oxford and Bedford School Foundation Chairman, Lance Feaver (69-74).

Lance opened proceedings and welcomed everyone to our first ‘virtual’ celebration. He particularly thanked all those who kindly support the school, either directly or through their families.  Gifts of all sizes are much appreciated, none more so in these difficult economic times. 

“These are unusual times and, despite the ban on social gatherings, it is very important to recognise the work of the Foundation and the generosity of the various donors. And at this particular moment in time, that support is more welcome than ever.” (Lance Feaver)

Miles, gave a thought-provoking sermon reflecting on the school’s founders and the importance of a supportive, collaborative culture ‘at a time of national and world crisis’. He made several observations, including:

“Institutions themselves have enduring strength if they represent a collective sense of community in a beneficial way. That’s what we mean by culture – and culture is what provides the strength. The culture you find here at Bedford, is not, I think very different to what I find here in New College (Oxford) and what I found as a boy at Bedford. It places a big premium on being mutually supportive, on companionship and, not least, on a sense of fun.” (Miles Young)

Always a moving occasion, we feel that this year’s Commemoration of Founders and Benefactors was, once again, a reflection of our proud heritage as well as our hopes for the future.

If you would like to know more about the work of the Bedford School Foundation, please do not hesitate to contact either Hugh Maltby ( or Bev Marshall (

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