Despite the vagaries of the weather and Southern Train services, 22 OBs battled their way to a special lunch at the RAC Club in London at Tuesday 6 June.  Organised by Ben Papé (50-58) for the 1958 leavers, the lunch was held in the lovely surroundings of the Terrace Room at the RAC Club in Pall Mall. 

OBs came from far and wide with Simon Murray (49-58) travelling from Hong Kong and Michael Evison (51-59) from Canada.  From closer to home the group were joined by special guests James Hodgson, Head Master, and David Murray (69-76), President of the OB Club.

Throughout the afternoon OBs swapped stories of their school days and sporting achievements.  Nick Papé said Grace and Simon Murray, former French Foreign Legionnaire, gave a humorous insight into how the French view the English, before giving the Loyal Toast.  The Head Master reported on the School’s latest triumphs and achievements whilst David Murray spoke about the many and varied events held by the OB Club.  He also commented on how encouraging it was to see how the younger generation continue to support the Club.

Following a delicious buffet lunch, the group were fortunate that the weather improved sufficiently to go out onto the terrace for a drink afterwards.

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