The Christmas spirit came early for OBs and their partners as they were treated to a festive tour and candlelit tea at Island Hall, Godmanchester on Tuesday 10th December.  The event was hosted by Christopher Vane Percy (53 – 62) whose family has lived in the house for nine generations.  He gave a wonderful talk on the history of the elegant riverside mansion which was built in the late 1740s.

Given over to the WAAF and RAF during the war, converted to flats afterwards, and badly damaged by fire in 1977, it was initially restored by the Herrtage family, with the help of a Historic Buildings Council repairs grant.  It was then bought by Christopher in 1983, which he lovingly restored, furnished and decorated as a family home.  It contains portraits and heirlooms charting the history of Christopher’s family.   He shared many anecdotes, including the existence of a ghost, which it is said ‘pokes’ unsuspecting members of the family. 

Thank you to Christopher and his daughter Grace for making everyone so welcome and putting on such an enjoyable event.

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