Inspired by, Captain Tom Moore, who is the grandfather of one of our Upper School pupils, Prep boys have taken on ‘Challenge 100’.

‘Challenge 100’ (a great idea from one of our parents) is simple: boys simply complete 100 ‘things’ of their choosing. However, the creative ideas, the enthusiasm and dedication the boys have shown to achieve the challenge to date has been amazing! 

Boys have kicked 100 conversions, completed 100 press-ups, run 100 kilometres, pogoed 100 times, taken 100 catches, faced 100 cricket bowls, scored 100 basketball hoops, completed 100 seat drops on a trampoline, learned 100 words of French, completed 100 answers correctly on TT Rockstars in a minute and drawn 100 flags on a map.

Many boys are helping charities and the local community in ingenious ways too; from boiling 100 eggs for the homeless ‘Dine With Us On The Streets’ charity to donating (with the help of their family) 100 essential items to Milton Keynes Foodbank to picking up 100 pieces of litter to delivering 100 cupcakes to those isolating locally to spread some cheer. Alfie James even did 100 star jumps after running a half marathon with his dad in under two hours 13 minutes to raise funds for the NHS. We can’t wait to see what the boys come up with next.

“I have been so impressed with the boys’ creativity, energy and endeavour, and many have also displayed great kindness in using the challenge to help others in these trying times. They are an inspiration to us all.”

Ian Silk, Headmaster
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