Thirty CCF cadets left school on Friday 13 March to take part in the Recruits Field Weekend at the Yardley Chase Training Area in Northampton.

The field weekend is designed to teach the cadets how to live in the field and hone their tactical skills.

This was the first time the cadets had slept outside and they coped extremely well with the conditions. Much of the ground was water-logged and the situation was not helped by hard and persistent rain throughout the night, which really tested their shelter-building skills. Despite this, the cadets were enthusiastic and fully engaged in their training throughout the exercise.

Major Peter Lumley-Wood, Contingent Commander at Bedford School commented, “Credit must go to all the Officers looking after them, they did an outstanding job leading the cadets and delivering the training. Similarly I must thank my Officers, who also gave-up part of their exeat break to sleep in a cold and wet field. All in all this was an excellent field weekend and I was once again left feeling deeply proud of our Cadets.”

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