We are delighted to report that our eleventh OB Club Careers Fair was a resounding success, with over 70 OBs, parents, past parents and friends of the School coming back to give advice to boys and girls on their profession and industry. From pilots to doctors and lawyers…we even had professional hackers! It was wonderful to have such a wide range of professions represented and we are extremely grateful to all the mentors for their support – the students really did gain a great deal from their knowledge. Horizons were broadened, experiences shared and questions answered in a friendly, informal atmosphere.

This year, we also introduced a live careers Twitter chat during the event, where people could get involved and share their expertise following #BSBGSOBFair. This is something we aim to repeat and build on in the coming years.

If you couldn’t make it this year but would like to get involved, please do contact us and help inspire young people who might be considering your profession. All are welcome to share their particular professional expertise!

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