Congratulations to our Lower Sixth Chemists, who were awarded an impressive 25 certificates: 14 Copper, 6 Silver, 4 Gold and 1 Roentgenium (the highest award possible – awarded to just 0.8% of entrants) in this year’s  Cambridge Chemistry Challenge.  A truly excellent result and the school’s best performance in this prestigious challenge to date.

Our congratulations to this year’s winners and their teachers.


Bryan Ng


Chris Bracewell

Tze Yan Chong

Zory Davoyan

Victor Lee


Angus Chiu

Ruben Sharma

James Smith

Peter Whalley

Ramius Yan

Henderson Zhu


Kurran Bhamra

Justin Cheung

Bobby Chiang

Charlie Clark

Toby Clarke

Edward Elsmore

Charles Hart

Jasper Lawson

Shivam Patel

Ben Poslad

Angus Quinn

Ben Slawinski

Alex Stammers

Max Wililamson

The boys undertook the written exam, which is designed to stretch and challenge students interested in chemistry, in June 2015, along with some 8,500 sixth formers from schools across the UK. 


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