We were delighted to welcome Charlie Wren (95-06) of Viceroy Learning back to the School on 9th February, to give the Upper Sixth some valuable advice on budgeting for university life as part of their Citizenship Programme. Not only did Charlie equip the boys with their very own budget sheets, he managed to make them laugh – quite an achievement!

Having studied Economics at Durham University, Charlie had a stint in the finance and business sector, before moving to Moscow to help students preparing to enter the English education system. Although he found that his pupils were given training on how to get accepted into schools and universities in the UK, he discovered that they were lacking the skills and knowledge to adapt to their new circumstances once they got here. It was this realisation that formed the inspiration for Charlie, and his brother Sebastian’s (02-12) business, Viceroy Learning.

Viceroy Learning now offer talks to Sixth Forms on topics such as personal finance and career awareness, as well as offering an annual summer school in France teaching essential skills such as student cookery, laundry and grocery ordering.

Find out more about Viceroy Learning here.

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