Boys in Y7 and Y8 are celebrating this week after achieving brilliant results in the UKMT Junior Mathematical Challenge. All boys in Y8 and 40 boys from Y7 entered the national challenge, which comprises a 60-minute, multiple-choice paper that encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems.

Competing against over 270,000 pupils from across the UK, the boys completed 25 multiple-choice questions designed to make them think. While most questions are accessible to all, a number challenge those with more experience. Despite completing the challenge online for the first time, the boys took it all in their stride. 

In Y7, seven boys achieved silver awards and nine boys bronze awards. Tony Zhao was the highest scorer from Y7. 

Silver Awards

Bronze Awards

Tony Zhao

Jack Sivills

Emir Kenrick

Blake Balachandran

Rocco Sarro

Aryan Sohanpal

Rhys Brook

Sam Yeomans

Thomas Mahony

Joshua Lincoln

Mihai Memet

Nirmay Patel

Henry Pask

George Knight

Arafat Rahman


Charlie Gandesha



In Y8, the boys achieved seven gold awards, sixteen silver awards and twenty-one bronze awards – results that place them in the top 6% (gold), 13% (silver) and 21% (bronze) of pupils in the country. 

A special mention must go to Jacob Yau (top scorer in Y8) and Samuel McMurran, who will now sit the further Olympiad Paper – only the top 2,000 pupils in the country are invited. Congratulations also go to Eden Chen, Sammy Inman, Gary Wang, Rayhaan Menolee and Felix Beckmann, who qualified for the Kangaroo Paper – around 10,000 pupils are invited.  

Gold Awards

Silver Awards

Bronze Awards

Jacob Yau

Sam Barnes

Jacob Anderson

Samuel McMurran

Ben Pickerin

Joseph Edwards

Eden Chen

Joseph Lee

Isaac Battersby

Sammy Inman

Fraser Morgan

Theo Cromwell

Gary Wang

Ben Rioch

Mustafa Haroon

Rayhaan Menolee

Izaan Aris

James Pinkney

Felix Beckmann

Joe Basquille

Bertie Sayer

Dylan French

Danny Chapman


Josh Mitchell

Toby Wesson


Ben Ulvert

Luka Ilic


Jonathan Hall

David Shirley


Nigel Ng

James Wright


Abuturab Turrabi

Charlie Collard


Eeshan Agrawal

Mike Halahan


Henry Whitfield

Aadhi Arun


Henry Wood-Rubio

Benjamin Roberts


Harry Townsend



Tommy Hughes



Henry Gillham



Misha Savitski



Joell Creek




Well done to all boys who entered. 

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