Bedford School played host to a three-day drawing workshop last weekend, which was attended by not only professional artists, but also four Bedford School art students.

The workshop, which was led by artist and educator Dr Glenn Sujo, provided the artists with an intensive and challenging weekend of work that involved an afternoon of drawing at The Higgins Museum and included a challenging session where the artists drew from a pair of moving models.

Dr Sujo is widely known as a visual artist, educator, author and curator with an interest in the expressive, analytical, symbolic and imaginative tools of drawing – all of which challenged the boys’ preconceptions of what drawing can be.

Lower Sixth Formers David Chan, Freddie Peacock, Sami Shameem and Andy Wong thoroughly enjoyed the experience remarking that they learnt a lot just from watching how the artists worked but they themselves produced some really striking and exciting work. When asked about the weekend one of the boys commented, “I am a different artist having done this course!”

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