Twentyseven OBs and their partners met up in Bournemouth for the Annual OB Lunch which took place on Saturday 28th September – a yearly event which dates back to 1967.  It was a wonderful gathering with several OBs travelling from as far afield as Ireland and Devon & Cornwall to be there.  DVP Paul Mantell (66-71) and his wife Kathy, who hosted the lunch, were delighted to welcome the new Director of the Bedford School Association, Hugh Maltby,  together with four ‘new boys’ who had not attended before and whose ages ranged from 34 to 92!

Hugh gave an update on the School’s activities, both sporting and academic and proposed a toast to the School, whilst Sandy Gray (59-64), Past President of the OB Club, kindly proposed a toast the Club.  A number of those present agreed to attend the OB Annual Dinner which will take place at the School on 16th November.

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