Old Bedfordian Michal Dzitko’s (09-14) wonderful debut album ‘Bokeh’ is out now on both iTunes and Spotify.

The album of organ compositions was recently reviewed by Choir and Organ magazine, who highly praised the Old Bedfordians’ new release.

“The young Polish-born composer Michal Dzitko's debut is one of the most intriguing organ releases to come my way in some time. Only available on iTunes and Spotify, Bokeh takes its title from the photographic term describing how a lens blurs out-of-focus light. It's an apt metaphor for the repetitive modal minimalism that folds in on itself here in ever more elegant arcs across six short pieces. No slave to form, Dzitlzo adopts a number of techniques (strict adherence to a single mode, rapid harmonic rhythms and others) notionally antithetical to the minimalist stric­tures. The result, in Stephen Farr's polished playing, is hypnotic.”

Michael Quinn, Choir and Organ Magazine

Talking about his new album, Michal explained, “'Bokeh' is a collection of modal minimalist pieces for organ with the goal of inducing a state of trance and tranquillity, that still remains very intense. My aim was for music to be academically stimulating, whilst remaining appealing to the common listener.” 

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