We Value Everyone.

This is the core of the culture in Talbot’s. Therefore, all members of the house team aim to deliver outstanding care for each boy in their ‘home away from home’. We expect all members of the house community to live in the same way by giving each other respect and helping to create a safe and happy environment to live in. An extension of this culture is that we want all boys to aspire to be all they can, grow in character and thrive. As such, we encourage all young men in Talbot’s to: shoulder responsibility, pursue challenge and be an inspiration.

Talbot’s House Handbook

History and Location

Talbot’s is named after the master who converted a beautiful house on De Parys Avenue into boarding accommodation for pupils in the late 1870s. The house has had fifteen housemasters since H.M. Dymock took charge in 1879. Talbot’s now encompasses two residential addresses on the road, which have been joined, and is blessed with large gardens, including its own orchard and plenty of space for football, cricket and the house chickens.

Though the house is well modernised it still bears the marks of its history with inscriptions in the brickwork still visible from pupils in the first world war and the public spaces enjoying wide open rooms with traditional high ceilings.

Talbot’s enjoys a fantastic location being central to the school campus and only a few minutes walk from the town centre. Boys living in Talbot’s are therefore often to be found entertaining friends at break and lunchtimes in the house, as well as having easy access to all they might need throughout the school day.

Housemaster’s Welcome

“We value everyone” sums up the culture of Talbot’s perfectly. Boys in the house are supported and cared for in as close to a home environment as we are able to create. They are therefore free to flourish and be everything that they can be.

Our doors are always open to the boys and we see them as an extension of our family. Whilst being proud of all their achievements, whether it’s playing in their first concert, or representing their country, we love it most when we see them developing into fine young men that demonstrate the characteristics of the house; shouldering responsibility, pursuing challenge and being an inspiration to those around them.

Our son has grown a lot at Talbot´s and he loves to live there. We really like that the door to your house is always open for him.

Parent of a new Fifth Form boy

Meet the Talbot’s Team

Matt Gracie, Housemaster
Matt & KJ Gracie took over running Talbot’s in 2013 having been the assistant house parents for two years.  Mr Gracie teaches Geography and coaches multiple sports. He also runs bible studies and likes to get boys out with him early to run with the dog. Mrs Gracie is a full-time mum to William and Elisha (as well as the fifty-three boys of course!) and is a keen musician. 

Mr Keelan Peters, Assistant Housemaster
Mr David Dodgson, House Tutor 

Miss Carina Schaber, House Tutor
Mr Ross Wise, House Tutor

We have wonderful matrons, Mrs Kate Larson, Mrs Vanessa Hakesely and Mrs Mary Garnham, who combine their wealth of expertise and experience with a motherly touch and work closely with our cleaners and handyman.