Redburn has an exceptional sense of community and house spirit, where the boys are loyal both to the house and each other. Equally, we are keen to encourage each individual to foster their unique qualities.

Participation and success on a range of fronts are highly valued: whether you are a talented sportsman, an actor, a musician, an artist, a debater, an academic, some combination of all these or someone whose range of talents is yet to be found, you will find your niche in Redburn.

There is a great mix of 40 boys in Redburn, whose range of talents and interests mean that, at any point in the term, there is usually someone to be cheered on to success by the others. But the boys in Redburn look out for each other too, and they develop friendships across the age ranges of the House. There is nothing better than seeing a sixth former playing table tennis or pool against a fourth former, or an older boy helping out a younger lad with a difficult Maths question. Playing football or touch rugby in the garden, getting up early for the Redburn running club, pumping iron on the House Gym session or enjoying a game of indoor football are all examples of how the boys mix together and enjoy Redburn life.

Redburn House Booklet

History and Location

Redburn House is an off-site boarding house located about 200 metres from the River Ouse in a very green and leafy neighbourhood. School is only a short walk from the house, which is good because it gives boys a feeling of relaxation and of ‘going home’ at the end of the school day. The town centre is only 5 minutes away with Bedford Leisure Park (cinema, Pizza Hut, etc) being about 10 minutes away. Bedford Rugby Club is very close by, so boys can watch Bedford Town play against other teams at the weekend.

Redburn’s centrality in Bedford compared with the surrounding facilities is as good as it gets so there is always something to do.

Housemaster’s Message

There is always going to be a diverse range of personalities in a house full of boys and we think it is really important to allow each to develop in his own way and to discover his unique potential. As part of this, there is a great ‘can do’ attitude to the boys in-house, who are encouraged to give anything a go and to participate fully in the wider life of the house and the school. We’d like each of them to come out at the end of their school career as a well-rounded individual with a sense of independence, able to take initiative and to push beyond his limits. There is a sense of real pride when the boys leave the House that they are ready for the next step and a particular enjoyment and satisfaction is with catching up with Old Redburnians when they come back and tell us about where they are up to in life, knowing that we have played a great part in that journey.

We hope you get a sense of the ethos and atmosphere of Redburn from the website, but nothing beats the experience of seeing it for yourself. We would be delighted to welcome you for a tour to see what it is like close up or even to stay the night for a taste of boarding life.

Meet the Redburn Team

James Marriott, Housemaster
Mr and Mrs Marrott took over at Redburn House in September 2018.  Prior to moving to Bedford School, Mr Marriott was a Boarding Housemaster at New Hall School.  Previously he was an Assistant Boarding Housemaster, a Day Housemaster and Head of Year at Trent College.  He is keen on all sports, especially rugby, hockey, cricket and golf. 

Mr James Nicholl, Assistant Housemaster
Mr Nick Hopton, House Tutor
Mr Henry Vann, House Tutor

Matrons – Carol Purnell, Sarah Relton, Lesley Blumire and Ceri Roberts

We are fortunate to have a really experienced matron team who each work two days per week in the House. Combined experience in the House is well over 25 years and so they have come across every situation imaginable and provide excellent support to the boys, whether it be practical or pastoral.