Our aim is to provide an atmosphere in which boys feel comfortable to be themselves, to stretch themselves without fear of failure and to learn to support each other in all their endeavours, whatever they might be. 

Phillpotts House Handbook

History and Location

Located at the edge of the school estate, Phillpotts is close enough for all boys to have easy access to the school’s excellent facilities, yet far enough away for a boy to feel that he has somewhere away from school that he can call his own.

Phillpotts house has a rather nomadic history.  It was originally founded as Glanyrafon in the late nineteenth century and was housed in the centre of town, near what is today the Higgins’ Gallery.  In 1950 the house was re-named Kirkman’s after a distinguished housemaster and moved to De Parys Avenue.  In 1993, the house moved again to the building that had been the lower school boarding house, Farrar’s, and Phillpotts was opened by Paddy Ashdown, himself an old boy of Kirkman’s.

Housemaster’s Welcome

I hope that a Phillpotts boy learns independence and can stand on his own feet; I also hope that he might care for others and having spent time living with his housemates that he is able to empathise and see that other people count and help shape our own views and outlook. I hope that a boy who passes through Phillpotts enjoys his time both in the house and in the school. There are strong rules and routines to guide a boy and with a carefully structured day, week and term, boys are busy and settle quickly, even if they come across the world and from different cultures. We hope that there is a sense of family in the house so that a boy might feel the benefit of the community he is a part of. We hope that he will look back at key high points over the course of the academic year – those such as the house Christmas dinner, the house singing competition and the house barbeque – and that they will stand out as bright spots in the year when he can remember having fun with his friends, friends he will keep for the rest of his days. 

All boys should be active and take part in as much as they can, as often as possible. The school offers a range of sports and clubs and the house complements this with a range of competitions in which those sports are played. Activities – beekeeping being one close to my heart – also help a boy find out about his likes and dislikes and his abilities. 

One of the best things about being a housemaster is seeing boys who have left years previously return to visit the school and the house: they are invariably impressive young men and often have enormous charm and poise – in fact, I am usually somewhat in awe of them.

To think that the house, the staff and school have direct input in shaping a boy’s life is often a thrilling moment; these meetings leave me feeling right-with-the-world and give confirmation that the things that we do on a day-to-day basis are validated by such future success. Such glimpses give the privilege of perspective that is not open to those in all walks of life.

Phillpotts is a place where I can be myself; it is my second home.”

Felix Lin, IB2

Meet the Phillpotts Team

Charlie Fisher, Housemaster
Charlie Fisher came to teaching relatively late in life having spent seven years in the army and 6 years working in the City. He has been at Bedford School since 2011 and in that time has been a tutor in Sanderson’s and a Day Housemaster. He has been Housemaster of Phillpotts since 2015 and lives in Phillpotts with Martha, his wife, his daughter, Beatrice and son Woody.

Mr Michael Ruta, Assistant Housemaster
Mr Mark Williams, House Tutor
Mr Connor Walsh, House Tutor