We were delighted to see over 30 boys in the Prep School taking part in the very first challenge of our new club ‘The Great BPS Bake Off’—one of many enrichment and extracurricular clubs introduced for the boys during lockdown. 

For their very first signature bake, the boys were tasked with making six decorated biscuits for our guest judge, who this week was Mrs Turton. The results were incredible, which made choosing the winners very difficult. Mrs Turton explained that she based her decisions on creativity and overall presentation as, sadly, she could not try the tasty looking biscuits.

“They ALL looked so delicious, and it made my job very tough indeed – well done to everyone!”

Mrs Turton

This week’s ‘Star Bakers’

1st           Ashwin Curtis: 3D Christmas tree

2nd          Ben Rioch: Pizza biscuits

3rd          Matthew Moretto: Half-dipped almond biscuits

4th           Issac Ferguson: Football biscuits

Special congratulations also go to Yacoub Sharif and Fergus Jenkins, whose biscuits were highly commended, and Sammy and Tommy Hughes for their fabulous late entries. However, congratulations must go to all the boys who took part for their superb baking efforts. We hope that they and their families enjoyed the tasty treats too.

Next week, the competition continues with cupcake week, and we look forward to seeing even more boys having fun in the kitchen and expressing their creativity.

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