A group of Lower Sixth Form biology students recently took part in this year’s British Biology Olympiad (BBO). The Olympiad is a worldwide competition for talented young biologists run by the Royal Society of Biology, this year attracting 8,476 students from 622 of the highest attaining schools across the globe.

The Olympiad aims to stimulate students with an interest in biology to expand and extend their talents through two 45-minute question papers sat under exam conditions. The boys were presented with topics and ideas with which they were unfamiliar, so they had to use their problem-solving skills and understanding of core principles to answer the questions, which increased in difficulty as they progressed through the paper.

A special mention must go to George Winder and Alexander Linney, who both gained ‘gold’ status, placing them in the top 5% of students worldwide. Not only is this a fantastic personal achievement, but it also means they will be invited to complete further practical and theoretical training with the chance of being invited to represent the UK at the International Biology Olympiad.

Mrs Mainstone, Teacher of biology, who arranged for the boys to sit year’s Olympiad, said, “The Biology Olympiad tests boys not only on the information that they have been taught, but also on their overall knowledge of biology. A large number of pupils took part in the Olympiad this year, and the results gained by our Upper Sixth formers were very pleasing. Well done to the boys!”

 Boys awarded gold and silver status:

George Winder – Gold
Alexander Linney – Gold
Harry Mason – Silver
Hugh Halsey – Silver
Rohan Jacob – Silver
Rowan Spong – Silver

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