Thirteen of our Lower Sixth Form Biology students recently took part in the Intermediate Biology Olympiad – a worldwide competition run by The Royal Society of Biology. 

The aim of the Olympiad is to test students’ biology knowledge while hopefully encouraging them to continue studying the biosciences beyond school.

The competition consists of a one-hour exam, with questions on topics that students are likely to have covered at GCSE and in their first year of A-Level.

Top scoring students were offered the opportunity to attend an awards ceremony in London.

All of our boys who entered scored extremely well; here are the students who participated and their results:

Harrison HomanGold
Will HaggarSilver
Matthew FahmySilver
Fung LauBronze
Laurence PleugerBronze
Nicholas YipBronze
Ian LauBronze
Sareer SafiBronze
Sung Yat NgBronze
Sam WainwrightHighly Commended
Paul WhalleyHighly Commended
Adrian LeeHighly Commended
Matthew BridgerHighly Commended


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