On Tuesday 22 December, a bench commissioned by Richard Garrett’s family and kindly donated by the Old Bedfordians Club, in honour of Richard’s memory, was unveiled at the Langham Pavilion. This was a particularly poignant date as it marks the two-year anniversary of Richard’s sad passing. Many of you will remember Richard during his time as Director of the Bedford School Association (2010-18).

“One of the first projects Richard worked on when he became Director of the Bedford School Association (BSA) was the new Langham Pavilion. In addition, one of his favourite things in life was rugby. Whether he was playing it, coaching it, or watching it – it seemed appropriate to place this Memorial Bench on the pavilion steps where people could sit, watch a game, chat and remember Rich while watching a match on Bedford School’s glorious pitches. The fact that there is also a memorial bench for him outside Eastbourne College’s Pavilion, overlooking the pitch where he scored his first ever try, is also extremely apt.”

Emma Garrett

The unveiling of the bench, which will reside on the pavilion steps, was toasted by Richard’s wife Emma and his five children (pictured here) and Hugh Maltby – current Director of the BSA.

At exactly the same time, Richard’s sister-in-law, his father and his niece, were unveiling another bench in memory of Richard at Eastbourne College where Richard attended school.

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